World's​​ N​umber One
8 B​all Board Game

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What's the game?

A game that transcends gender, age, race, nationality and played all over the world… Pretty much everyone as held a cue and racked up a game of 8 Ball Pool at some point in your life. Introducing 8 Ball Pool, the world’s most played game - is now coming to you with a never seen before table top game. 

For the first time ever in history, a board game that offers such resemblance to the game of 8 Ball Pool, played with completely new game mechanics. 8 Ball Pool The Board Game is played on a rectangular-checkered board arranged in an eight-by-seventeen grid. A simple and quick game to pick up while encompassing the most complex strategies and test your most inner creativity. 

You will quickly notice the resemblance with the real game of 8-Ball Pool by understanding positional play while mastering tactics and strategy. 8 Ball Pool The Board Game will provide you with hours of fun whether you are playing at a party with family and friends, or you just want to show your mates who is the best!

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    '8 Ball The Board Game' is played on a rectangular sized gameboard with a white ball and fifteen object balls representing a game of 8 ball pool